Virtual Playbill

Tensions are high between the kingdoms of Nori, Litara, & Baladir as they try to negotiate a peace treaty. Desperate to preserve her kingdom and keep her daughter safe, the Queen of Nori asks her Weapons Engineer to create a new weapon of war, and he delivers a dark magic. Litara breaks the peace treaty, and the resulting war forces all three rulers to reckon with the cost of conflict.

Queen of Nori

Katherine Bickford

u/s: Carolyn Feher

Princess of Nori

Kylie Edwards

Weapons Engineer

Charles Antenen

King of Baladir

Jacob Hoover

King of Litara

Alex Meeth


Heather Easley, Dara Nicole, Noelle Morrow


Leah Abbot, Hannah Haines, Meredith Hunter-Mason, Madeline Miller, Maude Warshaw, Henry Winslow

Directed & Choreographed by Holly Stone 

Music Composed & Performed by Ian Guthrie

Dramaturg & Production Assistant: Casey Copeland

Graphic Design: Rachel Copeland 

Costumes: Holly Stone, Casey Copeland, Charles Antenen, Carolyn Feher 

Photography: Nicole Volpe

Videography: Gary Knox-Derry 

Stage Hands: Nick Arango, Andrew Banas, & Sven Wijtmans

Special Thanks to the Dance Complex, BioMed Realty, and Arthur Murray Burlington for supporting this work.