Dramatis Personae


 Nori is the smallest kingdom in the land of Kadido. Nestled up against a volcanically active mountain range, it is upriver from its enemies

The Queen of Nori

Regal, commanding, and desperate to save her people and kingdom. Nori is on the losing side of a long war, and she will do whatever it takes to protect her land.

The Princess of Nori

Curious, and sheltered from the extent of the war which has ravaged her land and her people. She longs for a meaningful relationship with her mother and hopes to help bring peace to their land

The weapons engineer

Intelligent, opportunistic, and eager to do as his Queen commands. He doesn’t always think about the consequences of his actions, which may have dire results for himself and his queen.


Baladir, perched on a mighty plateau, is the oldest and most defensible of the three countries within the land of Kadido

The king of baladir

A A distinguished and veteran king. He is confident, cunning, and relies on his strategic advantage to let the other kingdoms fight it out.


Litara is the largest and strongest of the three cities, set on the coast where the mouth of river meets the sea

The king of Litara

Fierce, bold, and unafraid of being on the offensive. He is attractive and popular with his people, driven by his quest for honor and victory to turn the tide of the war to his advantages.

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