THE QUEEN OF NORI is an original dance theater production following a Queen who turns to dark magic to save her kingdom from war with neighboring powers.

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Conceived and choregraphed by polymath artist Holly Stone, THE QUEEN OF NORI takes story ballet into the 21st century and asks what happens when people in positions of power are put to the ultimate test. 

THE QUEEN OF NORI uses the interplay of classical ballet and contemporary dance vocabulary to explore political power, magic, parenthood, and the consequences of new technologies. We feature stories and voices underrepresented in the classical ballet canon, and seek to empower young dancers to share their stories through a fantasy lens.

MADE MANIFEST is a dancefilm excerpt of the Queen of Nori, first premiered as part of the Digital Dance Project March 19th-21st. It follows the Weapons Engineer as he tries to solve the Queen’s problem–give Nori an advantage in the war.

Meet the director

Holly Stone is the founder Artistic Director of StoneWorks Productions and holds an MFA in Dance from Florida State University.

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